12 december 2008

so, I've started my site 12 december 2008. And this day was really cool, finnaly after long time I've met my the best soldat playa - WerWolf (he's skills arent the best, but I very very very like him ;D) We were playing in same team, so I didnt kicked his ass ;d. Later, I was waiting alone on 1st .:WoOR:. CTF server for some players, who wants some bullets in their heads ;] and finnaly someone has joined. I didnt even expect player like him, and he was: .:WoOR:. M.O.T.T.E ! xD I felt so scared, because I'm thinking about join .:WoOR:. clan, and then was 22pm, so I was so fuckin tired xP We were paying on ctf_nuubia, and ctf_ash (I sucked hard ;/) this guy is amazing: I killed him ca. 16 times, but he killed me 37 times! (I dont know why, but I've got in stats just 7 times ;( ) Mine chances to join = less than 0 ;( but, when he said that he gotta go, he added also 'cya later' ;)
Today screens:

1) I think this is good score: 17 kills in a row ;D

2) I've killed someone with LAW from 100 meters xD

3) And this screen kicks ass:

4) I'm don't lying ;D :

As you can see, on ctf_ash I've killed him 10 times, and earlier was ctf_nuubia! these stat's algorythms cant count xD

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