Firstly, something about me: so, my name is Paweł, but mostly I'm known as 3.14 (or pi, much easier to write ;)) I'm playing soldat for more than 2,5 yrs, witch brakes of course. I used to play on 'Soldat Italia Servers', but after last holiday-break I started playing on |2wai| public server, and now you can find me on .:WoOR:. public CTF servers ;) so, if you want tell me something, here you got my e-mail: (yes, im '91 ;]) I'm not a webmaster, so that's beacuse my 'website' (xD) is so poor. ah, SORRY ABOUT MY ENGLISH! ;] i thought that reading my english is better for ya than reading my polish xP mine stats are here cya ;)

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